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Students with no web coding background will be introduced to web scripting tools by industry experts. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are used along with best practices to develop and manage web sites, to industry standards.

Program delivery mode: varies by course

  • Please check the individual COMP course schedule pages for delivery and location details.
  • Some courses in Computing Part-time Studies will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Other courses will be physically face to face and may include some blended online activities.
  • It may not be possible to complete a program entirely online, some courses may require attending the Burnaby or Downtown campuses.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

At the end of this series of web coding and related courses, successful participants will receive a BCIT Computing Statement of Completion in Web Development Fundamentals which is a sub-set of our Applied Web Development, (AWD) Associate Certificate.

Graduates will be able to write code using multiple web scripting languages to create, deploy and to manage web pages and websites. Students will have practised User interface (UI), User experience (UX), plus responsive web design, and source control using GIT.

Start with just one course, COMP 1850 – Introduction to Web Development, and pay as you go.

BCIT Computing provides students with career-ready skills

Entrance Requirements

Recommended for success:

  • COMP 1002 or equivalent knowledge
  • BC high school Grade 12 English and Grade 12 math, or equivalent knowledge

Students in this program are required to have English reading, writing and speaking skills. Specific prerequisites or equivalent knowledge are required for each course.

This statement of completion is aimed at students with other post-secondary education and work experience in IT.

Web Development Fundamentals is not designed for those students just out of high school with no other education or work experience. Those students should consider completing a recognized BCIT diploma or degree in order to be well positioned in the job market.

Formal application to the statement of completion is not required. Upon successful completion of the courses, email the with your full name, student number, and mailing address to be issued a statement of completion.

Costs & Supplies

All Computing Part-time Studies programs are course by course registration. Course tuition and books for this program is just over $2,200 depending if eBooks are chosen.

Students register and pay for available courses online, by clicking on the green block ‘Add to Cart’. Follow the directions to obtain a BCIT student number if you do not already have one.

Please register early to avoid disappointment. Our COMP courses are very popular and fill weeks in advance.

You can “Start with just one course” and in this case COMP 1850.


Program Details

Computing PTS courses are highly applied and delivered by subject matter experts, who are industry practitioners.

COMP 1850  and COMP 2132  provide a solid understanding of best practices in web page design and hand-coding using industry-standard scripting tools. Students learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with responsive design, and source control using GIT.

In the first course COMP 1850, students learn the best practices and tools used for the design and hand-coding of web pages and web sites. In the compressed 6-week delivery versions, students may also complete COMP 2132 in the same term after COMP 1850.

As part of this statement of completion, we are including our 12-week evening course COMP 1011 UX/UI Fundamentals.

Tuition for these 3 required courses plus 1 elective is around $2,100+ for the minimum 126 hours of class time. Most students can expect to spend another 200+ hours completing reading, homework, assignments and web projects outside of class.

Students who choose the intensive 12-week delivery of the first 3 courses in Web Development Fundamentals should plan on 300 hours total work, averaging 25 hours per week. Those students capable of a heavy course load may complete the 3 foundation courses a compressed delivery over one 12-week term.

With class time and homework, this compressed delivery could equate to a 25+ hour per week with classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. An advanced 6-week JavaScript elective may then be taken in the following term, allowing the Web Development Fundamentals to be completed in as little as 18 weeks.

Flexible scheduling also allows for a flexible delivery with one course per term over four terms with lighter workloads. Students who complete 1 course per term may finish this series of 4 courses in 4 terms, or 1.5 years.

COMP courses are available weeknights, weekends and with some fast-track day delivery options.

Web Development Fundamentals provides 10.5 credits that also count for credit in the AWD Associate Certificate.

Computer hardware and Internet requirements

Students must provide a current model PC desktop or laptop with a webcam, microphone and have high-speed internet access. COMP courses may use two-way audio and video as well as group work outside of class.

Participants must be computer literate in order to participate and complete each COMP course. Please contact the department via email: if you have any questions.

NOTE: The passing grade for all of these COMP courses is 60%, attendance is mandatory and all assignments must be completed in order to pass each course.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

BCIT Computing Part-time Studies advance web technologies courses are delivered by subject matter experts who work in the field.

Advisory committee

This statement of completion was developed by Kevin Cudihee, Program Head for BCIT Computing Part-time Studies, in conjunction with School of Computing and Academic Studies web subject matter experts Jeff Parker, Michael Whyte, Chris Harris, Lynda Williams, Arron Ferguson, Pat MacGee, Daniel Takeuchi, Kris Kothumbaka, Frederic Guo and Armaan Dhanji.

Contact Us

Please email BCIT Computing Part-time Studies:

General Inquiries: 604-432-8465

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