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New models of business operation like telecommuting & telework, online collaboration, and global marketplaces are transforming the way we work. There is a rapidly growing need to understand the concepts of digital privacy, 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the role of social media in business.

The Digital Transformation microcredential is designed to have students acquire essential skills in an efficient and timely manner. Students select topics that best suit their needs. Each topic is delivered as a mini-course that is delivered over a short period of time. As  students complete a course, they will receive a digital badge. Upon completion of four credits worth of badges, students will be awarded the microcredential in Digital Transformation.

What is a Badge?

A badge is assigned for the completion of short course or workshop that produces a single endorsement of specific knowledge, skills or competencies that is certified by a digital badge. A badge contains embedded data such as: where and when they were earned and the competencies assessed. A digital badge that can be linked to an online resume, website or social media platform. While most courses are worth one badge, some courses may be worth two or more badges

What is a Microcredential?

Digital Transformation, Mass Timber and Natural Resource Protection are the first of many new industry-focused microcredentials being developed at BCIT. For students registering and completing the courses during the “pilot phase” they will be able to take courses and earn the badges and microcredential for free. To qualify, students must register and complete four credits worth of courses before March 31, 2021. Courses taken after this date may be subject to normal tuition and ancillary fees.

Entrance Requirements

Costs & Supplies


Program Details

Digital Transformation is a flexible multi-disciplinary microcredential that allows student to choose which topics and fields they wish to focus on in their studies. In addition, students have the flexibility to choose courses across a wide variety of topics. Each course will earn a student a digital badge that verifies the skills acquired and can be added to a resume, LinkedIn profile, or other social media platform. Upon completion of four credits of badges, students will also receive the microcredential “Digital Transformation” to accompany the badges the students have earned.

Digital Transformation is supported by the schools of Business and Media, Computing and Academic Studies, Energy, and Centre for Applied Research.

Complete 4.0 credits from courses in any of the following specialties:

1) Computing and Cyber-security

Badges Credits
XCMP 1110 – Computer Architecture Essentials 1.0
XCMP 1210 – Computer Operations Essentials 1.0
XCMP 1310 – Computer Networking Essentials 1.0
XCMP 1320 – Computer Programming Essentials 1.0
XFSC 1011 – Networking Foundation 1.0
XFSC 1021 – Network Security using Kali Linux 1.0

2) Business and Media

Badges Credits
XMKT 1040 – How to Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile 1.0
XMKT 1042 – YouTube Video Marketing 1.0
XMKT 1044 – E-Commerce with Shopify: How to start functional business website 1.0
XTOU 1032 – Safer Meeting & Event Design 1.0
XOPT 1051 – How to Forecast Stock Prices 1.0
XOPT 1364 – Presenting and Analyzing Data with MS Excel in the Digital World 1.5

3) Robotics and Telecommunications

Badges Credits
XROB 1004 – Introduction to Robotics and Automation 3.0
XTEL 1530 – 5G Essentials 2.5

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Fatemeh Mirza Ghafour
Program Coordinator

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