Questions To Review With Potential Captioning Companies

Please note that these questions represent options that you may wish to include in your communication with potential providers of captioning services. It may not be necessary to include all the sample questions.

Preliminary Questions for all Potential Vendors:

  • Does your company follow the CRTC guidelines [PDF] for captioning videos as provided in Closed Captioning Standards and Protocol for Canadian English Language Television Programming Services? 
  • How long have you been providing captioning services?
  • Can you identify other institutions/businesses that could provide a reference for the captioning services provided by your company?
  • Can you provide samples of some of your captioning work?
  • Additional Questions for Vendors under Serious Consideration:

  • What is the cost per minute to create a verbatim transcript?
  • What is the cost per minute to synchronize a transcript you produce versus the cost per minute to synchronize a transcript that we provide to you?
  • What is the price difference between open, roll-up and pop-on captions?
  • Is there a discount for bulk orders?
  • Do you ever use speech recognition software to generate captions?
  • Do you proof your work?
  • What level of accuracy do you guarantee?
  • What is the fee structure for editing?
  • What is your average turnaround time for an hour length video?
  • Do you handle the obtaining of copyright approvals?
  • Are you able to convert video formats to meet your requirements or do we need to provide the video to you in a specific format?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • What are your billing options?