About this Sector

Take a look around you.

The home you live in was probably constructed with the hands-on input and involvement from nearly a dozen different trades: plumber, roofer, gasfitter, electrician, framer, home inspector, welder, H-VAC technician, and many more.

The car you probably have parked in the driveway is roadworthy thanks to the knowledge and expertise of a handful of different skilled trades including machinists, welders, automotive technicians, mechanics and the like. With the importance of trades in our everyday lives, it’s easy to see why highly skilled workers and technicians are in demand.

In trades, your work may be physical and could take place in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. It’s a great choice if you enjoy working with tools and technical instruments, are able to figure out new ways of doing things, and have a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

If you’ve decided trades are right for you, the next step is choosing the educational path to get there. BCIT offers training in over 30 trades you can label generally as: construction, transportation, mechanical, and electrical. These programs are offered through three schools:

BCIT offers trades training in a variety of ways depending on your current level of experience and background. We’ve made it easy for you to find the path that’s right for you.