Career Ideas

There are thousands of careers in computing and information technology. Following are some sample job titles and job descriptions. They will give you an idea of some of the possibilities ahead and lead you in the right direction.

Database Administrator

Database administrators store, maintain and retrieve large amounts of data in many different industries including education, the government, telecommunications and human resources. Your analytical and troubleshooting skills will come in handy as you develop, implement, configure, administer, support, and back-up relational database management systems. If you think this might be the path for you, then you may want to learn more about BCIT's part-time Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems (Database Option).

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Network Administrator

A network administrator keeps the lines of computer communication open. You will be maintaining multi-user computer systems and the networking infrastructure that interconnects them. Typical duties including installing and configuring networked systems, setting up user accounts, installing system-wide software, ensuring network security and allocating mass storage space. Working well with a team and strong problem-solving skills are important in this field, along with a credential such as BCIT's part-time in Applied Network Administration and Design - Associate Certificate.

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Web Developer

As a web developer, you are at the forefront of the information superhighway. Using your knowledge of project management and creativity, you will work with a team to produce functional web sites and their supporting applications. Armed with BCIT's part-time Applied Web Development - Associate Certificate, you will be able to handle all aspects of a web application system, from the creation of web sites using different technologies in the front-end to setting up back-end systems.

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