Career Opportunities

There are thousands of careers in business and media. Following are some sample job titles and job descriptions. They will give you an idea of some of the possibilities ahead and lead you in the right direction.

Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for a company's quality control activities in the areas of dismantling, assembly, packaging, warehouse, routing and shipping. You verify the quality of processes and procedures. You review, document and report on quality assurance activities. You may also be in a position to train employees or ensure that staff are well equipped in duties affecting the operations of a business.

Tourism Marketing Manager

A marketing manager in the travel industry generates innovative product ideas (e.g., new packaged tours) and develops marketing plans to promote new or existing services. In that role, you examine demand factors, trends and travel motivation. You identify risks and opportunities, research and segment target markets, strategize to achieve business goals, and evaluate outcomes. You demonstrate critical thinking and strong skills in planning, advertising and promotions, communications, sales, branding, media relations and research applications.

Customs Broker

As a customs broker you provide many services to customers, such as importers, wholesalers and manufacturers, who want to bring products into Canada from other countries. Among those services, you prepare and file entry papers and other forms according to customs regulations, laws and procedures. You arrange for payment of duties, storage and transportation of goods. You quote duty rates on goods for clients and provide advice on customs-related matters. You may also represent clients at meetings with customs officials.

Radio Program Producer

A program producer contributes to a station's objectives of attracting its target audience and building ratings in line with its format. Your solid understanding of broadcast operations and your journalistic judgment enable you to develop quality programming and deliver news in a fair, accurate, and professional manner. You're good at scheduling, interviewing, and interacting with a wide variety of people. (Read how a recent grad models this skill [PDF] in Afghanistan.) You demonstrate your knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication, energy, and creativity in skillful speech and writing.

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