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Applied & Natural Sciences

  1. Biomedical Engineering
    Full-time     Diploma
  2. Chemical and Environmental Technology (Analytical Science Option)
    Full-time     Diploma
  3. Chemical and Environmental Technology (Process Engineering Option)
    Full-time     Diploma
  4. Ecological Restoration
    Full-time/Part-time     Bachelor of Science
  5. Ecological Restoration
    Full-time     Master of Science
  6. Environmental Engineering Technology
    Full-time/Part-time     Bachelor of Technology
  7. Environmental Health (Public Health Inspection)
    Full-time     Bachelor of Technology
  8. Fish, Wildlife and Recreation
    Full-time     Diploma
  9. Food Technology
    Full-time     Diploma
  10. Food Technology and Operations Management
    Full-time/Distance & Online Learning     Bachelor of Science
  11. Forest and Natural Areas Management
    Full-time     Diploma
  12. Geographic Information Systems
    Full-time     Advanced Diploma
  13. Geographic Information Systems
    Full-time/Part-time/Distance & Online Learning     Bachelor of Technology
  14. Geomatics
    Full-time     Bachelor of Science
  15. Geomatics Engineering Technology
    Full-time     Diploma
  16. Honours in Biotechnology
    Full-time/Cooperative Education     Bachelor of Science
  17. International Student Entry
  18. International Student Entry Plus
  19. Marine Engineering
    Full-time/Cooperative Education     Diploma
  20. Mineral Exploration and Mining Technology
    Full-time     Diploma
  21. Mining and Mineral Resource Engineering
    Full-time     Bachelor of Engineering
  22. Nautical Sciences
    Full-time/Cooperative Education     Diploma
  23. Study Abroad (For International Students)