Student Parking

Pay parking is available at all BCIT campuses.

See the individual campus pages for information specific to the campus at which you're parking.

BCIT provides students with the ability to purchase permits on line. You will need to know your vehicle license plate and have a valid credit card in order to purchase a parking permit. E-Permits are sold by the week to a maximum of 16 weeks for Full-Time Studies at all campuses. E-Permits are sold by the evening to a maximum of 15 weeks for Part-Time Studies at the Burnaby Campus only. Only one vehicle license plate is allowed per e-permit. Only purchase the dates for which you will be on campus, refunds are not provided for holiday absences.

To login or setup an account, click E-Permits.

Note the starting period when purchasing E-permit parking for full time or part-time studies:

  1. E-permit Full-Time accounts are purchased starting Monday to Sunday.
  2. E-permit Part-Time accounts are purchased commencing on the first evening of the class.