Get involved with a community of faculty and staff working to integrate sustainability concepts and practices into BCIT curriculum.

Thoughts from project participants

"In an environment such as BCIT where our focus is in the classroom, and with our students, and where there are so few opportunities to truly connect with our fellow instructors, staff and researchers, The PSP is like a beacon that brings together like minded individuals who are passionate about making this a better world to live in. One reward we participants gain from this experience are those long-lasting friendships and network that stem from that 2 day experiential workshop."
Mark Giltrow, Faculty: Business Management BCIT

"I was hoping the PSP would help me with curriculum development in my communications courses but got much more out of it, learning about education for sustainable development and connecting with like-minded instructors. Work on the project also led me to Rio last June, for the World Symposium on Sustainable Development in Universities, and my article on sustainability at BCIT has just been published in a book, Sustainable Development at Universities: New Horizons. Taking part in the PSP opened those doors for me."
Matt Rockall, Faculty: School of Computing and Academic Studies