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Course Outlines

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Trades Exploration Program - TEXP


While no outlines currently exist for this course, below are the course learning outcomes/competencies.

Course Learning Outcomes/Competencies

Upon successful completion, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the gases used in oxy-fuel cutting and welding
  • Identify oxy-fuel cylinders, valves and safety devices
  • State the safe procedures for handling, storing and transporting
  • Identify oxygen and acetylene regulators
  • State the safe procedures for handling and storing
  • Identify hoses and oxy-fuel fittings
  • State the safe procedures for handling and storing
  • Identify torch assembly, torch line explosions and reverse flow check valves
  • State the safe procedures for handling and storing
  • List the components of a torch assembly
  • Assemble a portable oxyacetylene outlet and test for leaks
  • Light, adjust, shut-down and disassemble a portable oxyacetylene outfit
  • Choose appropriate cutting tips for the job being performed
  • Describe the oxyacetylene cutting process
  • Safely assemble and maintain a cutting torch
  • Set pressures and light and adjust a cutting torch
  • Perform freehand cuts on mild steel plate
  • Perform guided cuts on mild steel plate
  • Perform freehand cuts on round stock and angle iron
  • Execute piercing holes in mild steel plate
  • Use the required safety and personal protective equipment
  • Follow safe work procedures
  • Describe the principles of fusion
  • Identify factors affecting fusion welding
  • Describe the safe procedures to be followed when welding mild steel
  • Perform running beads without filler rod
  • Perform running beads with filler rod
  • Produce welded corner joints without filler rod
  • Produce welded butt joints with filler rod
  • Produce welded lap joints with filler rod
  • Produce welded T-joints with filler rod
  • Describe the oxyacetylene brazing process
  • Describe the safe procedures to be followed when oxyacetylene brazing
  • Use Oxyacetylene equipment and braze-weld lap joints in the flat position
  • Practice SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)
  • Practice MIG (Metal Inert Gas)

Effective as of Fall 2016

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