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Course Outlines

MATH 1401

Technical Mathematics for Architectural and Building Technology

School School of Computing and Academic Studies
Program ABT, Architectural and Building Technology
Course Credits 5
Minimum Passing Grade 50%
Start Date September 07, 2021
End Date November 30, 2021
Total Hours 72
Total Weeks 12
Hours/Weeks 6
Delivery Type Other
Pre-requisites Math 12 Pre-Calculus or equivalent OR BCIT Math 0001.
CRN 46977

Acknowledgement of Territories

The British Columbia Institute of Technology acknowledges that our campuses are located on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish Nations of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), səl̓ilwətaɁɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), and xwməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam).

Instructor Details

Name Simin Sadat Chavoshi Jolfaee
E-mail Instructor to provide
Location SW2-223
Office Hours Instructor to provide

Course Description

Basic Algebra Review: solving linear, quadratic and simultaneous linear equations, percentage problems; Trigonometry: definitions of trigonometric functions in a right triangle and the unit circle - relevant applications; Plane Geometry: definitions and relevant applications using regular and irregular polygons; 3-D Geometry: definitions and applications using solids with an emphasis on solids intersecting each other.

Course Learning Outcomes/Competencies

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Solve different types of equations (equations with fractions that lead to linear equations, quadratic equations, or equations with roots); systems of linear equations.
  • Solve problems involving percentages in applications of building technology.
  • Use the trigonometric functions in solving building technology applications.
  • Determine the length of arcs (portions of circles) and areas representing sectors of circles.
  • Solve problems involving ratios, proportion, and variation.
  • Solve technology - related problems involving plane geometry and three-dimensional geometry (and combinations of geometry and trigonometry).

Learning Resources


  • Lecture notes to accompany MATH 1401, by Elizabeth Gray. Available (to print) on the Learning Hub once the course starts.
  • Mobius Access code for MATH 1401-Available at BCIT bookstore for purchase.
  • SHARP Advanced D.A.L. EL-520 or 546 calculator. Please note that the solver functions built into this model are needed throughout the course and the instructions on how to use those functions will be provided. If you cannot find the SHARP Advanced 520, a less ideal substitute would be SHARP Advanced 531. This latter model does not have a built-in solver, but has all other functions needed for the course.

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria % Comments
Online Assignments 10% Instructions provided in first class meeting
Quizzes 25% No make up if missed
Two term tests 2@ 15% No make up if missed.
Final exam 35% Cumulative

Attendance Requirements

If you cannot make it to a lecture, please notify me of your absence ahead of time or as soon as possible.

If you miss a quiz or a term test, there will be no make-up tests. In presence of valid documents such as doctor's note, the missed quiz or test's weight will be moved to the final exam, otherwise you will receive a zero for that assessment item.

Course Specific Requirements

  • Please note that the course meets online and having access to reliable internet, a working webcam, and a scanner or a camera to scan or take pictures of your written work are required. Having a printer would be great, but not required.
  • All students must provide their own current PC desktop or laptop with a microphone and webcam and have high speed internet access. BCIT does not provide support for student devices.
  • The course will be delivered in real time and may use two-way audio and/or video as well as group work.
  • All students must be computer literate and be able to log in during regular scheduled hours in order to participate and complete this course.
  • All quizzes are online and will be invigilated via Zoom and/or through proctoring services recommended by BCIT. The students are expected to share video as required by the instructor during tests.
  • The two midterms and the final exam will be on campus. Please take note of the dates and location for each test.

Other information

Course Credit: In order to obtain course credit for MATH 1401 you need to have taken a post-secondary level geometry course. Calculus is not accepted towards course credit for MATH 1401.

Note: Course credit application is for students who have taken a post-secondary course similar to MATH 1401 and want to use that credit instead of taking MATH 1401. If you are currently taking MATH 1401, this does not apply to you.

Early Assist: Our faculty do their best to support your success. If concerns arise about your academic progress or wellbeing, your instructor might refer you to the Early Assist program. Early Assist can connect you with support services that can help you get back on track. Any concerns identified are treated confidentially. Information sent to Early Assist is in no way associated with a student’s academic record or with decisions related to student funding or academic progress. For more information, visit the Early Assist website:”

Course Schedule and Assignments


Material Covered

Tests and Quizzes (Tentative)


Due Date

Week 1

Introduction to the course

Introduction to MapleTa

Algebra Review

Calculator Functions

Assignment 0

Sep 11

Week 2


Unit Conversions

Practice problems on unit 1

Quiz 1

Date: Sep 16

Coverage: Unit 1

Assignment 1

Sep 18

Week 3

Angles and units of measure

Supplementary and Complementary angle

Parallel-Transversal theorem (Z-angles)

Angles of elevation and depression

Parallel lines cut by transversal lines


Properties of triangles

Congruent triangles

Similar triangles

Assignment 2

Sep 25

Week 4

Basic trigonometry

Pythagorean Theorem


Roof Geometry

Extended Trigonometry



Quiz 2:

Date: Sep 30

Coverage: Unit 2

Assignment 3

Oct 2

Week 5

Practice problems on Unit 2


Regular polygons

Midterm 1:

Date: Oct 7

Location: Burnaby campus, SW01-2045

Coverage: Unit 1, 2

Assignment 4

Oct 9

Week 6

Centers of a polygon


Properties of circles

Assignment 5

Oct 16

Week 7

Practice Problems on Unit 3

Perimeter and Area of common figures

Perimeter and area of circular elements

Perimeter and area of complex shapes

Assignment 6

Oct 23

Week 8

Irregular rectangular perimeters

Average Heights

Roof area

Practice problems on Unit 4

Quiz 3

Date: Oct 28

Coverage: Unit 3

Assignment 7

Oct 30

Week 9


Regular Polyhedrons


Prism rings

Midterm 2

Date: Nov 4

Location: Burnaby campus, SW01-2045

Coverage: Unit 3, 4

Week 10


Pyramidal frustums

Quiz 4

Date: Nov 16

Coverage: Prisms and rings

Assignment 8

Nov 13

Week 11



Conic frustums

Quiz 5

Date: Nov 23

Coverage: Pyramids and Pyramidal frustums

Assignment 9

Nov 27

Week 12

Spherical frustums

Geometry of the planet Earth

Final Exam

Date: Nov 30

Location: Burnaby campus, SW01-2016

Coverage: All units

Assignment 10

Nov 30

BCIT Policy

Any student who needs special assistance in the event of a medical emergency or building evacuation (either because of a disability or for any other reason) should promptly inform their course instructor(s) and Accessibility Services of their personal circumstances.

Human Rights, Harassment and Discrimination:
The BCIT community is made up of individuals from every ability, background, experience and identity, each contributing uniquely to the richness and diversity of the BCIT community as a whole. In recognition of this, and the intrinsic value of our diversity, BCIT seeks to foster a climate of collaboration, understanding and mutual respect between all members of the community and ensure an inclusive accessible working and learning environment where everyone can succeed.

Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion is a supportive resource for both students and employees of BCIT, to foster a respectful learning and working environment. Any student who feels that they are experiencing discrimination or harassment (personal or human rights-related) can confidentially access this resource for advice and support. Please see Policy 7507 – Harassment and Discrimination and accompanying procedure.

Students should make themselves aware of additional Education, Administration, Safety and other BCIT policies listed at

Guidelines for School of Computing and Academic Studies

Students must successfully complete a course within a maximum of three (3) attempts at the course. Students with two attempts in a single course will be allowed to repeat the course only upon special written permission from the Associate Dean. Students who have not successfully completed a course within three attempts will not be eligible to graduate from their respective program.


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Simin Sadat Chavoshi Jolfaee, Instructor
August 03, 2021

I verify that this course outline has been reviewed.
Winona Cordua-von Specht, Faculty
August 04, 2021

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Patricia Sackville, Associate Dean
August 16, 2021

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