Writing Tips

Writing Tips

Combat wordiness

Avoid "in order to" Avoid the word "being"
Avoid unnecessary prepositions
Avoid ready-made phrases

Let the verb show the action

Avoid "has the capability to" Avoid "is able to"
Avoid "is an indication of"  

Bring life to your writing

Active vs. passive voice Avoid "it is" / "it was"
Place the action in the verb Avoid "there is / are / was / were"

Write with precision

"effect" vs. "affect" "i.e." vs. "e.g."
In praise of proofreading
"complement" vs. "compliment"
"its" vs. "it's" "that" vs. "which"
"use" vs. "utilize"
Avoid the dangling modifier
Beginning a sentence with "This" Avoid "etc."
Avoid "and/or"
"as well as" vs. "and"

Punctuate to clarify meaning

the colon (:) the semi-colon (;)
Where to put commas: after introductory words Where to put commas: around parenthetical expressions
the hyphen (-) parentheses
dashes date formats
Use serial commas

Structure sentences for readability

sentence length Avoid the comma splice