Learning and Teaching Framework

The Learning and Teaching Framework, developed as a collaborative effort amongst BCIT stakeholders, was launched in June 2017 at the first Learning and Teaching Framework summit at BCIT. The intention behind the framework is to provide aspirational guidance and support for continual improvement in learning and teaching across the Institute.

The Learning and Teaching Framework Grant provides an opportunity for staff and faculty or other service department areas to access funds and support for initiatives that directly align with the Learning and Teaching Framework.

There are four different categories of funding available; to learn about the L&TF and collaborate with your department; to document and clarify the work you are already doing; to innovate and implement a new idea; and lastly to fund a backfill from your regular duties.

Applications are being accepted up until March 31, 2018 for initiatives that must be completed by March 31, 2019.

To apply:
Download the Grant Application to your desktop.
Complete the application and send the hardcopy by way of interoffice mail to:

Learning and Teaching Framework Committee
c/o Faculty Development Coordinator
Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC)
Building SE12, Room 203F
Download the Grant Application and send a scanned and signed copy to:
Subject: Learning and Teaching Grant Application

The committee will evaluate applications and notify applicants no later than April 15, 2018.

If you have specific questions email Cathy Griffin, Faculty Development Coordinator, local 8525, or your contact your school/department liaison.

Successful L&T Framework Grant applications, January 2017

Naveen Jit, SoT, Project: Connected Learning

Michal Aibin & Aaron Hunter, SoCAS, Project: Flipped/blended Classroom Research

Gjoa Andrichuk, Writing Center Coordinator & Communications Instructor, ES&I, Project: Language Learning Support in OER,

Gjoa Andrichuk, Writing Center Co-ordinator & Communications Instructor, ES&I, Project: Career Portfolio Development Workshop

Cecilia Baylon & Sarah Desrosiers, SOHS, Specialty Nursing Critical Care, Project: Within vs. Post Simulation Debriefing

David Brooks, SoCAS, Project: Computer Major Language Preparation

Kathy Musial, ES&I, Project: Student Learning Skills Video

Katherine Golder, SoCAS, Project: Literature Review on Gender Diversity in Engineering

James Peterson, SoCAS, Project: Onboarding - Teaching with Technology

Eric Saczuk, SoCE, Project: UAS Applications in Polar Regions

Jennifer Kong, SoCAS, Project: Creating a Successful PTS course - lessons learned from BHSC 1200

Shannon Elliot, SoHS, Project: Indigenous Virtual Case Study

Mary McWilliam, SoCE, Project: Mechanical & Electrical System Learning Lab

Joe English, SoCE, Project: Zero Energy Building Education

Carly Orr, SoCAS, Project: D2L to Manage Large Project Course

Carly Orr, SoCAS, Project: Practical Team Member Evaluation

Kimberly Carter, BCITSA, Kyla Epstein FSA, Connie Evans SOHS, Lin Brander Reference Librarian, Project: Wellness Enhancing Teaching Practices