Success Stories

Power Down

Prior to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, BCIT asked staff and faculty to power down—to look for creative ways to save energy while our campuses were quieter than usual. The results?

For electricity alone, we reduced our consumption by more than one-third. That’s a savings of more than $20,000 and 550,000kWh of electricity.

For natural gas alone, we estimate savings of $5,000 to $20,000.*

In total, when compared to a normal business week, by powering down BCIT achieved an estimated minimum of $25,000 in energy savings (electricity and natural gas combined).

These savings bring about an associated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (the equivalent of more than 15 tons of CO2).This has a significant positive impact on climate change!

Maquinna Residence challenge

As part of the Intelligent Microgrid project, several smart meters were installed at each of BCIT's Maquinna Residence houses. The meters enable students to track, measure and compare their electrical consumption patterns.

In early 2010, BCIT sponsored an inter-house energy-saving competition for the seven residence houses. Over two weeks, the students reduced their energy use by approximately 21 per cent. The house that reduced its electrical consumption the most won dinner for its 45 residents.

SE16 efficiency project

A team working at Burnaby Campus SE16 realized there were way too many pop machines in the building for summer usage, so, for the summer months, they unplugged most of them and kept only a minimum number running. The lights in the gymnasium were also replaced with a more energy efficient model, and an engineering study is being done to evaluate what it would take to solar heat the water for the showers.