BCIT Credential

Studying at BCIT

As a military student at BCIT you can receive support from our office, including:

If you are a military student at BCIT, please contact us to get added to our student list.

Advanced Placement and Direct Entry Programs

After an assessment of the knowledge, skills, and abilities you acquired through your military career, BCIT can potentially grant single educational equivalency credits or block credits for advanced placement towards certificate, diploma, and degree programs.

Currently we have several programs that grant advanced placement or direct entry based on military service, many leading to a degree in as little as two years full-time:

School of Business:

School of Construction and the Environment:
School of Computing and Academic Studies:
School of Energy:
School of Health Sciences:
* These programs are also available through part time studies and may have online delivery options.

If you are interested in any of the above programs, please start your assessment.

Don't see a program you're interested in listed above? Contact us to let us know. We're always looking to create new educational opportunities for military members. 

National Advanced Placement & Prior Learning

The BCIT Legion Program is now national with the National Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (N-APPL) Program. The national program increases education opportunities through partnerships with institutions across Canada. Collectively N-APPL understands the need to bridge the gap between military and academic training.

For a list of partner institutions and potential pathways, please visit N-APPL here.