About the Writing Centre

What kinds of things can I get help with?

Writing Centre tutors discuss your course related writing work with you in order to develop your writing in areas such as:

Tutors do not help with:


What happens at a typical session?

Tutors will work with you to identify the most important problems with a specific piece of writing. You and your tutor will then discuss and develop strategies to overcome those problems.

A typical session goes through the following stages:

Your tutor will greet you and ask what you would like to work on.


What do I need to bring to a session?

Bring a print out of the writing you'd like to discuss as well as any corresponding assignment sheet(s).


How do I book appointments?

Visit BCIT's TutorTrac site to view a detailed schedule and book a session with one our peer tutors.


How do I get tutoring help online?

Free eTutoring help is available to BCIT students through WriteAway. The service is open in the fall, winter, and spring/summer semesters. To get writing assistance from a WriteAway tutor:


Do you offer classes?

See BCIT Professional English Language Development or
BCIT Communication Department


How can I work as a Peer Tutor at the Writing Centre?

We do most of our hiring at the beginning of term, with occasional hiring taking place within the term. Peer Tutors need to have excellent grades and an instructor recommendation. Contact learningcommons@bcit.ca for more information.