Advice to first year students from our tutors....

Peer Tutor - Financial Management
Keep up with all school work as much as possible to ensure you don't fall behind because a lot of subject matter is taught in such a short time period. Be sure to manage your time effectively and do not spend too much time on a single class or two. Be sure to use all of the learning resources available. Peer tutors are a great place to start if you need help but the instructors are also there to help whenever you need them.
Peer Tutor - Architecture and Building Technology
My advice to first year students would be to expect to be required to put a lot of effort and time into their school. I find the hardest obstacle for me, and other people that I have talked to, was the required time commitment that I wasn't expecting.
Peer Tutor - Financial Management

Stay on top of your work, give it 100% of your time and attention, don't let BCIT weed you out and you'll graduate on top.
Peer Tutor - Nursing
Get organized. Have your personal/financial stuff in order before you start the program. Have meals prepped in the fridge, have your house clean, have your student loans sorted out. You aren't going to have time to do any of this once the program starts. Organize your classes and due dates early, keep track and know what is due. Last of all, don't expect to have weekends to yourself. This doesn't mean you won't have ANY weekend time however don't expect to be able to go away on the weekends, get back late Sunday night and simply show up to class on Monday. There is ALWAYS some prep to do for Monday morning.
Peer Tutor - Financial Management
 Manage your time, manage your time, manage your time.

Peer Tutor - Nursing
  • buy an iPad and load it with all kinds of educational/study/productivity apps
  • look for other ways to learn things if you don't understand what is being taught in class or what you are reading in your textbook. Look up YouTube videos; find websites tailored to your subject area that explain course content more simply; draw pictures/diagrams, etc. to help you explain and visualize what you are learning
  • know that everyone is stressed out too - you are not alone! Even the students who you think are "on top of things" are probably freaking out a little bit. BCIT is intense but many before you have made it through and so can you!!