Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a peer tutor?

Check the online peer tutor database for a list of programs in which we have tutors. Click on a program for names of tutors and when they work.

No tutors in your program? The database also lists subjects tutors can help with. Find a tutor from a similar program who can help with your subject.

A tip: attend a few different tutoring sessions - you may find that some sessions are less busy than others and you are able to spend more time one-to-one with the tutor. Top

Do you have accounting or business math tutors?

All peer tutors from BCIT business programs have taken first year accounting, business math, and statistics. If you are in a BCIT business program, you can work on these subjects with any of the business peer tutors.


Where can I get help with math?

Many of our peer tutors are able to help with math. Check the online peer tutor database and select your program or a program similar to yours to find subjects tutors specialize in. Maths are quite specialized at BCIT, so we've tried to be specific in the kinds of math a tutor can help with (i.e. Math (Calculus) Math (Tech Entry), etc.


Do you have tutors for Word/Excel/Powerpoint?

Check the online peer tutor database by subject - under IT skills we've listed software programs each tutor feels they can help.


Do I need to sign in/register/make an appointment for the Learning Commons services I'd like to use?

For the Writing Centre you can book an appointment or drop in.

For peer tutoring just show up at scheduled times and participate. Table signs indicate the program of tutors at each table. Find the right table, meet the tutors, sign in, and get down to work.

We will ask you to sign in using your BCIT student number. This allows us to know the numbers of students using our services, their programs and a few other relevant stats that enable us to grow our programs according to student needs.Top

Where can I get a one-on-one tutor?

Try the Student Association. Keep in mind there is a charge for one-on-one tutoring.

Most of the one-on-one tutors also work at drop-in tutoring sessions, so you might want to try them here first.


How can I work as a Peer Tutor?

We do most of our hiring in April for the following September-May, with some hiring taking place over the summer.

Peer Tutors need to have excellent grades and instructor recommendations.

Contact for more information.