Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a peer tutor?

One-to-one Peer Tutoring:  

Drop-in Peer Tutoring: 


Do you have accounting or business math tutors?

All peer tutors from BCIT business programs have taken first year accounting (FMGT 1100), business math, and statistics. If you are in a BCIT business program, you can work on these subjects with any of the business peer tutors.  If you are in the Accounting or Finance program, your accounting course (FMGT 1105) is slightly different and you'd need to work with a peer tutor from Accounting or Finance.


Where can I get help with math?

Many of our peer tutors are able to help with math. Math courses are quite specialized at BCIT so you'll need to work with a tutor in a program similar to yours. 


Do I need to sign in/register/make an appointment for the Learning Commons services I'd like to use?

Writing Tutoring: 1-to-1 BBY
All appointments are drop-in. Maximums allowed are three sessions per week. This is a free service.

Peer Tutoring: 1-to-1 BBY
You must book an appointment via TutorTrac up to 48 hours in advance.  The cost for a 1-hour peer tutoring session is $20.  Pay by purchasing a voucher at the Library Services counter before the session.  Present the voucher to your tutor at the start of the session.  Maximums allowed are 2 sessions per day and 3 sessions per week. You may cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance. If you miss an appointment without cancelling 24 hours in advance, you will be asked to pay for the session by presenting a voucher to the Learning Commons office (SE14 - 201B).

Peer Tutoring: Drop-in BBY
Just show up at scheduled times and participate. Table signs indicate the program of tutors at each table. Find the right table, meet the tutors, sign in at the TutorTrac kiosk, and get down to work.  You will need your BCIT student number in order to log in.  This is a free service.

What if I miss a 1-to-1 peer tutoring session?

You may cancel an 1-to-1 peer tutoring appointment up to 24 hours in advance.  It is important to decide early and cancel if you can't make it.  When you book an appointment, the tutor receives notice that they are scheduled to work and will be there to meet you.  If you miss without cancelling, you will be asked to pay for the session and will NOT be able to book another appointment until payment is made.Top

How can I work as a Peer Tutor?

We do most of our hiring in April for the following September-May, and sometimes hire a few tutors in November for a January start.  Peer Tutors need to have excellent grades and instructor recommendations.

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