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No classes are currently planned. Please check back in the near future. Thank you!


The Instructional Skills Workshop and/or the Fostering Learning Online Workshop are highly recommended but not required.


This ten week seminar is for experienced instructors who would like to explore flexible/blended learning models. The seminar itself is delivered in a blended format. Drawing from sound pedagogical practices, you will redesign one of your courses incorporating flexible, active and engaging learning environments that utilize technology, and increase student motivation for learning.

What is blended learning?

“Blended learning is the strategic intertwining of face-to-face and on-line experiences intended to cultivate specific learning outcomes.” (COHERE )

Re-thinking our course design for a blended approach requires thoughtfully integrating face-to-face and online learning, fundamentally rethinking course design to optimize student engagement, and restructuring traditional class contact hours.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this seminar, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of Instructional Skills Workshop learning outcomes.
  • Reflect upon individual teaching perspective.
  • Describe the meaning and scope of blended and flipped learning.
  • Identify educational tools and technologies that are currently available and appropriate for use in your courses, including online synchronous delivery.
  • Identify curriculum that could be re-mediated for blended delivery.
  • Design student-centered authentic and flexible learning experiences that align learning outcomes, activities and assessment.
  • Plan for a student-centered interactive flexible learning experience using the most appropriate technologies.

Learning materials:

Readings and videos will be assigned and will be provided online via the BCIT Learning Hub. You will be provided access to the Learning Hub course site prior to the commencement of the seminar.


  • Participation: active collegial participation in discussions and feedback to others (throughout the 10 weeks)
  • Tech Tools Presentation (for week 5)
  • Course Map (for week 8)
  • Redesigned Course Syllabus (for week 10)