Information for Students

BCIT is committed to ensuring you get the most up-to-date skills that employers are looking for. To ensure your success and avoid problem here are some suggestions:

Ensuring Success and Avoiding Problems

Know your policies

BCIT policies provide a lot of information about what behaviour is appropriate to the post secondary environment and what is not. Familiarize yourself early so you know what to expect. Important policies are found on this site.

Build relationships

Get to know your instructors and program heads so if problems arise, productive problem solving conversations will be easier. Remember to maintain a respectful manner, even when you disagree. Courtesy and respect will go a long way when trying to resolve a disagreement or when seeking information to pursue a matter more formally.

Get to know your Student Advocate

Your Student Association has a staff member who is available to advise students and help resolve problems. Feel free to use this resource when you don’t know what to do next.

Show your ID

BCIT security has the right to request identification from any individual on BCIT property. Failure to provide ID could result in an individual being escorted off the property and/or a charge of trespassing being laid by the RCMP. Security may call the RCMP if they have reason to believe that presence on BCIT property is unauthorised. The easiest way to demonstrate a legitimate right to be on BCIT property is to show ID.

Drinking and Drug use on Campus

Remember that your training at BCIT is your gateway to employment. Like in the workplace, using drugs or drinking can cause a lot of problems. Students may drink alcohol only in designated areas of Campus (inside residence halls, Habitat Pub or at events where alcohol is specifically permitted.) Drinking is not permitted in classrooms, study areas, cafeterias, meeting rooms, parking lots or any outside area.

Likewise, the use of marijuana on campus is prohibited.

Copyright Infringement

Using your BCIT account to distribute copyright protected files with software such as uTorrent, Bitcomet, Azureus Vuze, or Limewire etc. may result in BCIT receiving a Notice of Copyright Infringement from the Media Industry. All students who use a BCIT account to connect to the BCIT network are responsible for what happens with your account and for following BCIT policies, regardless of whose computer you are using. To avoid problems: