Important Policies

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Academic Policies

Student Reports/Student Performance Contracts - Outlines how Student Performance Contracts are used and the procedures for reporting both academic and Non-academic misconduct.

Student Regulations - Outlines BCIT’s expectations around attendance, uniforms (attire) and student ownership of work.

Student Evaluations - Outline how students will be evaluated and the consequences for poor performance.

Academic Integrity and Appeals - Outlines BCIT’s expectations for academic conduct and the routes students may use to address disputed decisions.

Non-academic Policies

Student Code of Student Conduct (Non-academic) - Outlines BCIT’s expectations around non-academic conduct.

Responses to Violations of the Student Code of Conduct (Non-academic) - Outlines BCIT’s responses to non-academic misconduct.

Harassment and Discrimination - Outlines BCIT’s expectations for a harassment and discrimination free environment and the procedure for addressing complaints.

Responses to Abusive or Threatening Behaviour - Outlines the procedures BCIT will follow when addressing abusive or threatening behaviour.

Sexual Violence and Misconduct - Outline's BCIT's commitment to providing and maintaining a safe and secure learning and working environment, free from Sexual Violence and Misconduct.

Other Relevant Policies

Copyright Compliance - Outlines how students may use copyright protected material.

Acceptable Use of Information Technology - Outlines how students may use BCIT’s network and information technologies.

Information Security - Outlines BCIT’s requirements to maintain information security.

Appeal Policies

Academic Decisions Review Process - Provides details as to the types of decision reviews a student may seek.

Decision Review Boards - Outlines the purpose and procedures for adjudicating academic appeals.

Institutional Appeals Tribunals - Outlines the grounds and process for appealing a decision of the Decision Review Board.