For Faculty and Staff

Education and Training

The Student Judicial Affairs Office provides consultation, advice, education and training on all aspects of student conduct management to the BCIT community.

Need advice? Want to "trouble-shoot" a student conduct concern? Could your students or department benefit from training?

Contact the Student Judicial Affairs Office at: 604.431.4972 to discuss your needs.

Threat Assessment

The Threat Assessment Team is established to ensure an integrated approach to the management of threats and other behaviours that could result in harm to members of the Institute community.

Threat assessments are undertaken by a multi-disciplinary campus team who are specially trained to analyze behaviour-related information and intervention and risk aversion strategies.

Reporting Concerning Behaviour

All members of the Institute community who have concerns about possible risk-related behaviour, should report those concerns to either the Director, Student Judicial Affairs  or the Director, Safety, Security and Emergency Management.