Core Services Catalogue

Download the Core Services Catalogue [PDF].

Currently all sections of the the IT Services Core Services Catalogue are at version 5.0 - Effective June 30, 2012

The Core Services Catalogue serves as the default service level agreement between IT Services and the BCIT community. In addition, some departments or groups will require specialized service level agreements for their unique support requirements.

The catalogue will provide answers to questions such as:

Two distinct client groups are identified within the catalogue:

Core clientele are entitled to the default (base) service levels for all of our core services.  Included in this group are:

BCIT's community groups are entitled to the more limited support described in the catalogue. These groups include: 

Service level descriptions 

To help you identify what service levels you can expect for a particular service or product, our services are described with their characteristics and objectives. Each description also identifies:  

Our commitment

When you contact IT Services for service, we attempt to meet or exceed the target times estimated for the various services. Only seasonal high volume (e.g., at term start-up) or system-wide outages will cause us to suspend these commitments. In these circumstances, break/fix incidents take precedence over requests for new service.  

Beyond base service levels


When a department or group has unique requirements for technology services or products, IT Services staff meet with group representatives (including a manager) to define, negotiate and sign off separate service-level agreements. 

Catalogue updates and contacts

The catalogue is updated annually, with input from the BCIT community and in consultation between IT Services and its various vendors.

Catalogue questions

Do you have a question about catalogue content? Ask the IT Service Service Desk at 604-412-7444 (option 1) or email 

New service level agreement requests

Does your department require a customized service level agreement? Contact Giselle Collins, 604-432-8314.