IT Services offers a number of computing and telecommunication services for our clients which are listed here and explained in further detail in the Core Services Catalogue [PDF]. (What is a core services catalogue?)

Service Desk

The Service Desk provides a single point of contact between our clients and IT Services. Contact the Service Desk to report an incident (break/fix problem), to get an IT related query answered, or to put in a service request for new work. For more information on how to contact us, levels of support provided, target response times and how to request administrative computer accounts check out Service Desk.

IT infrastructure services

The IT infrastructure provides interconnectivity between servers, computers and printers on all the main BCIT campuses that supports BCIT's main applications and systems. IT Services manages both the academic, and adminstrative, servers that support BCIT's enterprise applications and teaching activities. We also protect institute data on the network storage systems with scheduled data backups and provide file recovery services.

Printing services

High speed network printing is available for students and staff in most buildings, at all the main campuses.

Telecommunication services

Our Service Desk team provides support for general telecom and mobility services.

Desktop services

Our Desktop services team provides desk-side support for instructor and administrative staff office computers and computer labs, including creation of software images and licencing of standard software applications. Computer deployment "rollout" activities include: standards; net-new and replacement rollouts and moves; computer lab set-up and maintenance; and hardware repair and inventory.

Messaging services

BCIT staff uses messaging tools to communicate with individuals and teams through e-mail, calendars, and instant messaging. A syncing service is available to syncronize e-mail and calendars to Blackberry devices.

Application and database services

IT Services supports enterprise administrative and academic applications and databases which are used by BCIT to "run the institute's business".

Web Services

BCIT has a variety of web properties including: BCIT Public Web, BCIT Commons and myBCIT portal. This service includes website development, web marketing and analytics, web content publishing, and collaboration tools.

Strategic practices

Strategic practices are a set of IT disciplines that support the activities, services and deliverables of IT Services to ensure that rigor and best practice methodologies are applied to the efforts and contributions to BCIT's success.