Working Remotely, Resources for Faculty & Staff

Protecting personal and confidential information

Whenever information relating to BCIT business is used outside of the office or the classroom, there is an increased risk of loss or compromise. BCIT is required by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) to keep all personal information in its custody or under its control safe and secure. Refer to quick tips on how to protect personal information when working remotely

Video conferencing & collaboration

BCIT introduced Zoom as a video conferencing tool for faculty and staff. It's currently BCIT's recommended tool for scheduled single and recurring meetings for groups of up to 100 people. It can also be used for impromptu meetings of any length between colleagues, including those "just a quick question" conversations that you might ordinarily walk down the hall for.

Please note: BCIT has a virtual classroom tool (Bongo) built into the Learning Hub that is recommended for online classroom instruction.

To log in to Zoom, in your web browser:

For more detailed instructions read about Using Zoom and the BCIT Privacy and Security Etiquette for Zoom.

Secure remote access

myVPN should be the first choice for students, staff, and faculty to connect to BCIT's secure network to access common resources like printers and shared network drives. and business applications such as Banner and Cognos. myVPN will give you the same experience as if you were on campus connected to the BCIT network.

AccessAnywhere also provides a secure connection to specific BCIT business applications that require elevated access. This is also how our approved external contractors can connect to BCIT resources. If you think you require access to AccessAnywhere complete the AccessAnywhere application form.

For offsite work, BCIT is providing access to the BCIT Staff Virtual Desktop. This is a Windows 10 desktop that runs in our datacenter and will allow you to access your files and other secure applications like Banner and Cognos. This resource is available to all current BCIT faculty and staff.

Academic app delivery through BCIT's new AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere is BCIT's new tool for delivery academic software for students, replacing computer labs for remote learning. It's incredibly important for faculty to familiarize themselves with AppsAnywhere and test that the apps their students will be using work in the way that they expect. There are resources available to support both faculty and students in using it effectively, including both documentation and training.

How to contact the IT Service Desk

Information to have ready

Other BCIT resources for working remotely