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Many lecture theatres, classrooms and meeting rooms on the Downtown campus are equipped with a lectern computer for instructional or administrative purposes. Internet and network access is available, and audiovisual equipment is connected to enable presentations.

Lecture theatres with lectern computers

  • DTC–270, 272

Classrooms with lectern computers

  • DTC–381, 850, 860, 880, 890

Meeting rooms with lectern computers

  • DTC–281, 283, 284, 825

Logging in to lectern computers

All lectern computers require a computer lab account. Access to the BCIT network and the Internet is available fron all computers on successful log in.

Using the audiovisual equipment

To use the overhead LCD data projector from the lectern computer, pick up the remote control from the Audio Visual office on the second floor (room 252). Press the power switch to turn the projector on.

Some lectern computers are equipped with powered speakers. Where available, simply turn on the stereo amplifier encased in the lectern desk with the selector switch set to “Computer”.

When the presentation is complete, turn off all A/V equipment and return the remote control to the Audio Visual office (room 252).

Using a notebook at a lectern

Downtown campus lecture theatre lecterns are fitted with connectors that enable a notebook computer to run the overhead LCD data projector and BCIT’s network. To connect a notebook to the theatre equipment:

  1. Attach the video connector cable on the lectern to the video port on the notebook.
  2. On the lectern is a video switchbox labelled “Desktop” and “Laptop”. Set the switchbox to the “Laptop” position.
  3. If network or Internet access is required, connect the network cable to the network port on the notebook.

Lectern computer software

Lecture theatre computers on the Downtown campus run Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP at a minimum. Other applications vary depending on the room. For instance, rooms 270, 272, 281, 283 and 284 all run Dynacom software (used for remote TV, video and audio). If you require a specific software application, please use a notebook computer.