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With BCNET you can use advanced networks to conduct research and enhance education.

As a member of BCNET, we have access to one of the most advanced digital networks in the world. BCNET plugs into the national CANARIE network, and from there, 42 countries around the globe. It’s 10,000 times faster than the Internet, able to transmit terabytes of data across the world, connecting researchers, teachers, and students.

As a member of the BCIT community you can use BCNET’s extensive network and associated services at no additional charge to your school.


Contact us if you:

  • have an interest in conducting research at BCIT
  • Want to use advanced networks to instruct, conduct research or conduct business with students, colleagues and industry partners around the province or around the globe
  • Need access to networks that can transmit huge amounts of data in real time.


What is BCNET?

BCNET provides high-speed optical (advanced) network capabilities to BCIT and British Columbia ‘s other higher education and research institutions.

Advanced networks are independent from the commercial Internet and support experimental and collaborative efforts in education and research being conducted across the province and around the world.

This network is a critical piece of the infrastructure that keeps British Columbia at the forefront of the international stage by linking BCIT and its partners to the nationwide and worldwide advanced Internet-supporting world-class projects in the areas of education, health, physics, the arts and science.

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  1. Collaborate with researchers across the province and around the world. The global system of education and research networks involves 42 nations around the world.
  2. Participate in large-scale, world-class international research projects using high-speed networks up to 10,000 times faster than commercial Internet.
  3. Increased productivity. Easily share terabits of data across the continent and around the world.
  4. Use a highly flexible, agile architecture and access expert, dedicated support and project management staff to customize the networks for specialized research and education projects.
  5. Increase bandwidth for short-term or long-term projects for no additional fees, providing a very cost-effective service.
  6. Access the technical infrastructure, advice and support to become technologically advanced. BCNET can help create a testing ground for new technologies, we open the door to a vast array of technical resources and applications, such as video conferencing for distributed learning and lightpaths for lightning-speed connectivity.
    To get started, contact Client Services or by phone at 604-412-7444 (option 1).


BCNET Members

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of North British Columbia
  • University of Victoria


Did You Know?

  • BCIT has access to one of the most advanced digital networks in the world.
  • Our membership in BCNET provides all of our schools and faculty with access to the network without further cost.
  • You can use BCNET to conduct research with educational and industry partners around the world.
  • BCNET is 10,000 times faster than the commercial internet.
  • BCNET provides access to potential research partners in 467 countries around the globe.
  • BCNET is available to you today and that experts at BCNET and BCIT are ready to assist you in your access to these valuable resources.