Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into a program at BCIT?

How to apply, when to apply, and requirements depend on the type of program you want to apply for. See the how to apply page for more information on full-time and part-time programs.


When should I apply?

Many full-time programs start in September and applications are accepted starting the previous November. You should apply early as many programs fill quickly.


How will I know BCIT has received my application?

Once you submit your online application, a letter will be sent to you by mail confirming that we have received your application. This letter will identify your BCIT student number, BCIT email address and instructions on how to log in to your myBCIT account.


How does BCIT Admissions communicate with me?

myBCIT is BCIT’s primary method of communicating with you about your application. Within myBCIT, you can check your application status and use myCommunication to view all of your official correspondence from BCIT. Some correspondence is time sensitive so make sure you check myBCIT often, both during the application process and throughout your studies at BCIT.


How long does it take to process my application?

Our goal is to have an admissions officer assess your application, update your application status, and send correspondence to myCommunication within 4 weeks.

For most first-qualified first-accepted programs, you will receive a decision within 3 weeks of submission. For most competitive programs, you will receive a decision several weeks after the application deadline date.


What happens if I'm accepted?

You will receive a letter of acceptance through myCommunication. To confirm the offer, you must pay the commitment fee within 2 weeks of the date of acceptance. Payment methods and deadline date are listed in your letter of acceptance.

Please note: If we do not receive your commitment fee by the deadline, you will lose the seat and your application will be withdrawn.

A formal letter of acceptance will be sent to you by email within 3 weeks of paying the commitment fee. Please ensure your address is kept up-to-date at all times. This letter of acceptance is required for study permit application or extension.

You must bring proof of your status in Canada (e.g., original study permit) to the International Student Centre as soon as possible after acceptance.


What if I do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score?

If you do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score, there are other options available to meet the BCIT English language requirements, including assessments for a fee at BCIT. See the international requirements page for details.


Do I need a study permit, and how do I apply for or extend a permit?

Find out whether you require a permit and how to get one on the permits and visas page.

Find out what resources you need to extend a study permit with help from the International Student Centre's permits and visas page.


What if my study permit is denied?

Visit Fees: International Students: Study Permits for details.


Can I get credit for courses taken elsewhere?

To apply for individual course credit, you will need official transcripts and a course outline (description), in English, from the institution where you took the course. If you have a university degree or a Diploma of Technology, you may be eligible for advanced placement into the second year of some Technology programs.

Degree and diplomas from institutions abroad must be evaluated by ICES.

To find out more about the transfer process and deadlines, visit the BCIT transfer credit and advanced placement web pages.


What is ICES?

ICES is the International Credential Evaluation Service here at BCIT. If you have a credential from outside of Canada, you'll need to submit it to ICES to determine the level of transferable credit you'll receive.


Are there any programs at BCIT specifically for international Students?

Yes, the International Student Entry Program and the Business Management Studies (BMS) program at BCIT provide a high-quality educational opportunity for English as a Second Language (ESL) students.

International students interested in upgrading their academic entrance requirements (for example English, Math, and Sciences, should look into the Technology Entry Program.


Which programs at BCIT accept International Students?

Not all full-time programs accept international students, so it's important that you view the complete list of programs that do.


How do I gain admission into Business Management Studies, and is overseas admission different?

All students are encouraged to take the Communication COMM 0015 - English Competency Assessment test upon entry to the program as a high placement result will reduce the number of Communication courses required to complete the program. Please visit the BMS website to review the full listing of entrance requirements. Top

As an international student, what are my options for paying tuition?

Please see Payment Options at BCIT. Top

Is there any information available regarding immigrating to Canada?

Yes, please see the following presentation slides from a joint presentation made by Immigration, Refugees & Citzenship Canada (IRCC) and the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) at BCIT on November 28, 2018: