ladder your credentials at bcitBCIT's progressive laddering model provides you with the unique opportunity to advance your education and upgrade your skills at an accelerated pace. By laddering educational growth - starting, for example, with a Certificate and working your way up to a Degree - BCIT's globally-renowned and specialized credentials allow you to develop into leaders in your chosen field.


A BCIT Certificate is a relatively short but specialized training program that combines the applied theory and practical skills to work in a particular field. It can be completed one course (or more) at a time, over a period of months or years. You graduate with an Associate Certificate or Certificate credential.

Certificate programs


Intense, longer programs of studies, which prepare you for employment in technological, technical, paraprofessional and professional occupations. Studies combine applied theory and practical skills. Diplomas are generally completed through full-time studies, although some part-time programs offer the credential.

Diploma programs

Advanced Studies

BCIT’s Advanced Studies options are designed for the college, technical institute or university graduate, and are recognized as a mark of excellence by business and industry. Highly specialized advanced training programs build on prior education and experience. These studies consist of specialized theoretical and practical education in a particular field.

Advanced Studies programs

Bachelor's Degrees

A degree from BCIT gives you the best of both worlds: a recognized bachelor's credential and practical training for job readiness.

BCIT degrees focus on applied learning to ensure that students graduate not only with sound theoretical knowledge but also with the competencies to apply that knowledge immediately on entering the workforce.

All BCIT degrees include academic specialty courses, management studies, and liberal studies.

Many programs are available for either full-time or part-time study, and the delivery methods for individual courses may include two or more of various alternatives: daytime or evening, on campus or online, clinical placements and/or distributed learning

Bachelor Programs

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are programs at the master's level, usually requiring a bachelor degree for entry. These programs provide students with rigorous learning experiences that blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Graduate certificates may be stand-alone programs, or they may ladder into master's degrees at recognized post-secondary institutions world-wide.

Graduate Certificate Programs

Master's Degrees

All BCIT master's degrees include coursework and a research component and resemble traditional models in their quality and rigour. However, a distinct BCIT applied flavour is embedded into the degree structure. Coursework includes both advanced studies in the particular area of study and study of professional practices such as intellectual property, product commercialization, and project management. The applied research component consists of two research courses and an applied research thesis or project.

Master Programs

Doctorate of Technology

BCIT is vested to grant an Honorary Doctorate of Technology. This is the highest accolade that BCIT provides. It is awarded to individuals who are widely recognized for outstanding and sustained achievements in their areas of expertise.

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