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COVID-19 Updates for International Students

Travel & Self-Isolation Plan

Cover of the BCIT International Student Guide - Travel to Canada

Updated: August 13, 2021

All international students who plan to travel to Canada are required to notify BCIT at least one week prior to their date of travel by submitting the form below. This applies even if you are returning to BC after a temporary absence or are fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Before completing the form below, review our entire Travel to Canada Guide for guidance to help you plan for a successful trip to Canada.

For fully vaccinated travelers

Expecting to be exempt from quarantine requirements?

You still need to submit a BCIT Travel & Self-Isolation Plan below even if you believe you will qualify for quarantine exemptions as a full vaccinated traveler

It’s important to understand that even fully vaccinated travelers should be prepared with a suitable quarantine plan in case a Border Services Officer deems that you don’t meet the exemption requirements or in case you were to test positive for COVID-19 upon arrival. For that reason, we suggest selecting an accommodation at least for your first 2 weeks in Canada where you could self-isolate if necessary. Otherwise you may have issues at the port of entry or you may be required to book a secondary accommodation where you could quarantine if necessary.