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Awards make a positive difference in the lives of BCIT students

A woman stands in the forest, looking up at the canopy of trees, wearing a hard hat and safety vest.

When you’re 20 years into a career, it’s not easy to change your game plan. But as an amateur athlete competing at both local levels and on the international stage in ultimate frisbee, Jennifer Nichols knows a thing or two about pivoting. When she wanted a career change, she knew exactly where to find it.

Awarding the support needed to start over

In 2019, Jen enrolled in the BCIT Forest and Natural Areas Management (FNAM) program: “I wanted to learn how to reduce environmental damage… and to give back to the community.”

Giving back to the community is something that’s immensely important to donors too, as Jen soon realized. The mature student received six awards and scholarships thanks to the generosity of donors, who continue to support students of all ages through their commitment to education and philanthropic giving.

Jen was awarded donor-funded awards including the Canfor Trades & Technology Entrance Award, the Woodlot 0007 Achievement Award in Forest and Natural Areas Management, the BCIT Alumni Association Award, and more.

“Receiving the awards gave me confidence… in times when I was bogged down in studies,” Jen explains. “It really did validate my choice.”

Learn more about Jen and her new career as an Environmental Technician. Watch the video:


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