How do I enter

Please refer to our Competition Categories for submission guidelines for each category. Once ready, entries may be submitted here.Top

Who can enter?

Any full time or part time student with a declared program with a bright idea. Even if you have an idea that isn't fully developed, that's okay. BCIT students must make up 50% of Teams.Top

Could I win in both prize Categories?

It is unlikely that one entry will win in both competition categories, but it is possible.Top

What if I don't have an idea but a friend at BCIT does?

Tell them about the Challenge! Encourage them to enter! Or team up with your friend to develop the idea. The maximum team size is three. Top

Do I actually have to create my idea?

No, you can just expain your idea in your application. Having some sort of a visual - especially in the final round - is strongly encouraged. That can be a sketch, picture or even a working prototype. Top

Can I submit more than one idea?

No, each person/team is restricted to one idea. However you can enter a different idea next year.Top

Who will be judging the submissions?

Judges for the written applications are faculty and staff from BCIT. The pitch round includes judges from sponsoring organizations.Top

Do you have any tips or suggestions to help me improve my submission?


  1. Make sure you read the submission guidelines for each category carefully. 
  2. Keep the following in mind while preparing your submission.
    • Unique
      Clearly explain how the idea is different from what is already available.
    • Clarity/Comprehensive
      Make it easy for the judges to assess your idea.
      The brightest ideas have clearly identified the idea, the market, the business case, the technology needed, and the next steps to commercialize or develop the idea, and have anchored their submission in facts.
    • Pitch
      How strong and persuasive are your written and oral (if you make the second round) presentations?
      How well can you sell us on your idea?
    • Market potential
      Understand the needs of the target market.
      Estimates (sourced) about the size and demographics of the market are important.
    • Business model/financial viability
      Explain the elements of your business case/model.
      Put effort into understanding the costs associated with your idea.
    • Development Planning
      List out and explain what is needed to move the idea closer to commercialization or prototype to a product.

Can I submit a video or website instead of the written submission?

A link to a video or website is a great addition. We still need your written submission.Top

When is the "pitch" round?

5-6 finalists will be chosen to pitch in front of a panel of judges, three weeks after the Challenge deadline.Top

What if I am not available to be here for the "pitch" round?

That's ok. If you are selected, email a power point presentation to the judges, and provide a time when you can be contacted for a teleconference. Top

Can I submit my product if it's already at market?

Yes, if your idea is already in an advanced stage and/or being sold, it is still eligible for this contest. Top

When is the last day I can submit an idea?

You can submit an idea anytime! The last day, the deadline, to submit your idea for the 2020 Student Innovation Challenge is Wed Apr 22, 2020 at midnight.Top

Do you have to use the prize money to invest in your idea?

No, you are free to spend the cash prize money on whatever you want. However, we encourage you to invest in your idea and take it as far as it can go! Top

Does BCIT/ARLO own my idea if I win?

Absolutely not! It's your idea and your idea only. However, BCIT/ARLO can assist you with developing your idea if you are interested. Top

If I have questions who can I connect with?

Please contact Sandra Jette in ARLO at 778-331-1382 or research@bcit.ca. Top