Aboriginal Peer to Peer Mentorship

What is an Aboriginal Peer Mentor?

An Aboriginal Peer Mentor is a guide and a knowledgeable resource that assists fellow students (Aboriginal Mentee) in developing strategies to succeed in their post-secondary education.

A Peer Mentor is a senior student (second semester and above) who is available to give their time and apply their skills to positively impact a new student's post-secondary experience.

What is an Aboriginal Mentee?

An Aboriginal Mentee is a first semester or first year student, who is matched with an Aboriginal Peer Mentoring their program area. A Peer Mentor will help mentees with organization, study skills, access to information about their program, and student life at BCIT.

Mentoring is becoming more popular in post-secondary institutions. Individuals who receive mentoring support from peers are more likely to adapt well to post-secondary life, succeed academically, and persist until graduation.

See also: Peer to Peer Mentorship Program Booklet [PDF]

Why become an Aboriginal Mentor?

Why become an Aboriginal an Aboriginal Mentee?

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