Customer Service Standards

Our Mandate

International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) will provide individuals possessing educational credentials from outside BC or Canada with accurate, equitable, affordable, and reliable evaluations of their educational documents. (Per the Alliance agreement: General Guiding Principles for Good Practice in the Assessment of Foreign Credentials and the Quality Assurance Framework)

Using well-established evaluation methodologies, ICES evaluates the credentials of people who have studied in other countries and determines comparable levels in BC and Canadian terms. The results of an ICES assessment are provided in evaluation reports (Basic and Comprehensive) that are objective, consistent, and reliable. ICES is the government mandated service in British Columbia but serves the interests of all internationally educated applicants throughout Canada.

Quality Service Standards

  We will:
Excellence Ensure quality service and deliverables that meet or exceed the expectations of the customer.

Take initiative wherever possible to continually improve service.
Timelines Meet all dates and deliverables as agreed to.
Communications  Advise the customer of issues or problems that affect deliverables.
Responsiveness Respond to fax, email, telephone, and in-person inquiries within two business days.
Accessibility Provide choices of products, services and delivery methods, where possible and applicable.
Commitment Be courteous, respectful, responsible and professional at all times.