General Applicants: Step 2

Document Requirements

You must submit:

Important Note: If you are planning to use your evaluation report for a specific organization or educational institution, original documents may not be accepted. Many organizations and educational institutions require ICES reports to be completed on the basis of official documents only (see below). It is your responsibility to find out which documents will be required before you complete the ICES application form. Please click Organizations using ICES (or see the table on page 8 of our application form) to find out information about the document requirements for specific organizations and educational institutions. The International Credential Evaluation Service also reserves the right to request official documents in addition to any original documents that have been submitted for evaluation. These situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis where the applicant will be notified to requisition this information from the institution or awarding authority.

A full set of documents for a completed educational credential normally contains at least two parts:


Official Documents

If it is not possible for an institution to re-issue official transcripts and certificates, you may submit original documents instead; however, you will also need to request an official letter sent by the institution that awarded the credential to confirm the courses and grades you want evaluated. This official confirmation letter must be sent directly to ICES and be signed by the registrar (or similar authority) of the institution. Please note the mode of deliver (regular/distance education/part-time/full-time) and campus location must also be included on the official documents.

If you do not submit a complete set of official or original documents, ICES may still be able to complete an evaluation report. However, your report will include the following statement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Document Authentication - ICES recommends all official or original documents be submitted for evaluation. Since official or original documents were not submitted for evaluation, authentication of this credential is not possible.

Your report may be unacceptable to some institutions, organizations, or employers if your evaluation was not completed with official or original documents.

If, after ICES has completed your evaluation, you submit additional documents in order to revise the content of the completed report, a fee of $51.00 will be charged. This includes the submission of original documents to replace photocopies, the submission of additional course outlines/syllabuses, and other similar situations.

Country-specific Information

Please click the letter that corresponds to your country of education to view the document requirements.

Please note: 
This list does not include all countries. It is simply a list of some of the higher volume countries or ones that may have special requirements. If your particular country is not listed below, ICES can still evaluate your credential(s). Please follow the standard document requirements listed above. This list has been provided for use only as a guide.

For reference purposes we have separated secondary and post-secondary document requirements. It is always up to the applicant to decide which and how many credentials are to be assessed/evaluated.

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Document Storage and Return

As many ICES clients cannot obtain duplicate copies of educational documents, ICES stores the original documents in a locked room and handles them with great care. Original documents submitted to ICES by the applicant will be returned upon completion of the ICES evaluation. Photocopies submitted to ICES will be kept for our records.

Please note all official documents received by ICES from the issuing institution(s) and or appropriate authority are for use by ICES and will not be given to the applicant.  These documents are considered ICES property. 

Translation Requirements

If any of your educational documents are not in English or French, they must be accompanied by a complete word-for-word (literal, not interpretive) English translation. If you are submitting your documents from outside Canada and cannot obtain a translation from a Canadian-certified translator, you may submit a translation from an official translator in your home country. This translation must also be completely accurate or ICES will require a new translation from a Canadian certified translator.

To obtain a list of certified translators in Canada, please contact your local immigrant serving agency or:

Items such as mark sheets, transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and grade books must be translated in entirety, including any information that appears on the reverse side of any document. For calendars, course outlines, and syllabuses, only those pages describing courses and other information specific to your credential need to be translated.

Translations may be conducted from original documents or copies of those documents. In either case, the translator must attach to each translation a signed copy of the educational document(s) on which the translation is based. The document copy or copies accompanying the translation will be verified against the original documents submitted to ICES. All document copies submitted for evaluation must be stamped with the translator’s official stamp.

Note: The original credentials in the original language must also be submitted to ICES.

Step 3: Service Fees