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What is wellness?

It’s a lifestyle. A way of living that fosters optimal well-being to enhance your quality of life. It is work life balance that includes an emphasis on the body, mind and spirit.

BCIT cares about your health. Our Organizational Health Strategy is designed to encourage all faculty, staff and students to live healthier lifestyles, to support a healthy workplace and to create a culture of wellness throughout our community.

HR understands the importance of wellness in the workplace. By promoting relevant activities and increasing the knowledge of illnesses and diseases, we believe that our employees will be better informed and take a more proactive approach to their personal health. Our approach emphasizes prevention and good health promotion, personal coping strategies, healthier personal practices and a healthy workplace culture.


Wellness works events

We are passionate about organizing innovative, educational wellness events throughout the year that contribute to a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Many of these events are free, open to all employees, and many open to students and neighbours in the vicinity.

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