Healthy BCIT

BCIT is a community working together to build and maintain organizational wellness within our workplace by providing opportunities and support for all employees.

Our mission is to have BCIT and its employees work together to identify and address leading health and well being issues at all levels, and to offer innovative policies, practices and programs to best meet those needs. We will do this by:

BCIT's Organizational Health Strategy Plan (Plan) complements the Institute's position of being the Employer of Choice and differentiates it from other employers in the sector. Our continued commitment and investment in the Plan is driven by our interest in the well-being of our employees. Our two goals are to:

Healthy workplace and sustainability

At BCIT we take pride in promoting workplace practices such as:

The Healthy BCIT program offers events, education and resources related to our top health and underlying risk factors priorities for our employees. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in this important initiative!