Medical Services Plan

MSP covers basic medical expenses such as doctor visits, x-rays and hospital treatments. Residents of BC must be enrolled in the MSP plan.

Extended health coverage is invalid if your MSP is discontinued.

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Your Health Care Card

Effective February 15, 2013, a new BC Services card will be issued with the goal of replacing all existing MSP Care Cards by 2018. Every British Columbian is required to renew their enrolment with MSP by 2018 and every 5 years thereafter.

To register and obtain a new card visit your local ICBC driver's licensing office. If you are between the ages of 19 to 75, you have two options:

People under the age of 19 and over the age of 75 will not be required to have a photo ID card, however, their enrolment must be renewed every 5 years. Failure to re-enroll may result in a lapse of MSP coverage. Currently, there is no charge for the change.

For more information check out: BC Services Card

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