On-Campus Housing

BCIT Student Housing offers comfortable and convenient accommodations, for BCIT full-time students. The student housing complex accommodates over three hundred residents and is ideally located on the Burnaby campus, adjacent to the sports field and recreation facilities.

The complex incorporates seven low-rise, split-level buildings to create a village-like student community. Each of the houses contains four suites of twelve students, one Resident Advisor apartment and a laundry room. 

Each suite contains two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms; fully furnished dining room and living room, including a flatscreen television with cable subscription, and two full kitchen areas for students to prepare their own meals, all to be shared by the 12 residents. Each bedroom floor contains six single bedrooms, each approximately 9’5” x 11’; a bathroom with two separate toilets; two private showers and a vanity area with two sinks. 

Each bedroom contains:
If you would like to a video tour of the rooms and suites, please check out the video tour.

If you have any questions regarding our community standards and expectations please visit our handbook.

BCIT does not have on-campus accommodation for couples or families. Please refer to the Off-Campus page for listings appropriate to your needs.