Frequently Asked Questions and Feedback

How do I (as program champion) start?


How can I get help?


What if I miss the submission deadline?

The submission deadline for your proposal is typically four weeks before the SQC meeting. Committee members (the majority of whom are volunteers and have other responsibilities) need this time to apply due diligence when reviewing proposals.

SQC meetings are scheduled two weeks before the dean meets with the VP-Education Office to present the proposal(s) for consideration.

If you know you will miss or you have missed a deadline, please contact the chair of the SQC as soon as possible.


Why do the SQC submission deadlines and meeting dates change sometimes?

If VP-Education, Education Council or its Programming Committee changes their meeting dates/submission deadlines, the SQC may be required to change its meeting dates/submission deadlines accordingly.


What is going to happen during the SQC meeting?

The SQC coordinator will confirm the meeting times and location with you usually one week before the meeting. However, you are strongly encouraged to make yourself available on the day of the SQC meeting.

One day before the meeting, you will be provided a list of questions and/or issues that the SQC members have regarding your proposal. During the meeting, you will be expected to address those in a satisfactory fashion.

What is going to happen after the SQC meeting?

The committee will submit a report to the dean with the following possible recommendation:


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