Sexual Health Rehabilitation at BCIT

BCIT’s Sexual Health Rehabilitation program addresses a vital knowledge gap across a variety of healthcare disciplines. These courses will help health care providers assist their patients with the challenges of sexual concerns resulting from disease, illness, injury or conditions. Learners will confront their own preconceptions about healthy sexual function as well as examine the role of sex and sexuality in patient identity and rehabilitation.

The program is currently comprised of two courses:

Introduction to Sexual Health Rehabilitation Course 1 (NSPN 7740) - this course will cover the interplay between physiological, psychological and social contexts of sexuality and sexual function as well as exploring the health care professional’s personal values and beliefs around sexuality. Sexual issues stemming from medical, surgical and psychiatric illnesses will be introduced, with a focus on chronic illness and disability.

Introduction to Sexual Health Rehabilitation Course 2 (NSPN 7745) - In course two, you will have opportunities to build upon your previous learning and existing competencies in the field of sexual health rehabilitation. This course will utilize the concepts and models you learned about in course one as a foundation to more advanced knowledge and skills in sexual health rehabilitation.

Both courses are a part of the new Human Sexuality curriculum and are offered through BCIT's Perinatal Specialty Nursing program and School of Health Sciences.  Two additional courses, one theory and one clinical, focused health and treatment of the prostate are currently being developed. 

Like BCIT’s certified Reproductive Health curricula, this program was developed in conjunction with industry partners, including:

Developed via a grant from the Rick Hansen Institute in partnership with BCIT this course is for any allied health care professionals, including:
To view the course topics and details, please download a course outline

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Introduction to Sexual Health Rehabilitation Course 1 (NSPN 7740)
Introduction to Sexual Health Rehabilitation Course 2 (NSPN 7745)