Annual Course Schedule

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2018 Calendar Year 2019 Calendar Year

Jan Apr Sep Jan Apr Sep
Course Frequency Cohort starts

Cohort starts

HLED7110* Jan, Apr, Sep 2018 Additional Additional 2019 Additional Additional
HLED7120* Jan, Sep 2018
Additional 2019
HLED7130 Apr

HLED7140 Sep


HLED7250 Jan 2017**


HLED7260 Apr

HLED7270* Jan, Apr 2017** Additional
2018 Additional
HLED8280 Sep*** Additional
2017** Additional


Students with an Undeclared Major*

Individuals who have not been accepted into the Health Leadership program or into any other program in the Health Care Management Department, may enrol in HLED7110, HLED7120, and HLED7270 whenever they are offered. This is an excellent way for individuals to attempt some courses before committing themselves to completing a full program of study. It is also a convenient way for students in a program to take some courses earlier than prescribed in the program schedule, or to make up for lost time in the event that their study progress was delayed.

Additional Course Offerings

Additional course offerings are scheduled to provide additional flexibility to students in the Health Leadership program, and to provide additional access to programming.  Further offerings can be scheduled (e.g, for health organizations) by special arrangement.


The annual course schedule is subject to change without notice. BCIT reserves the right to cancel courses if enrolments are insufficient. BCIT's cancellation policy will provide two business days' notice of the cancellation of a course.

Revised: 2018-01-18