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BSNC 8200: Practice of Nursing 10

Practice of Nursing 10 is a 200-hour practice experience for students to integrate theoretical learning with practical application in a focus of practice.

BSNC 8200 nursing students provide responsible, accountable, nursing care based on the BCIT & Preceptorship 2 standards and clinical practice indicators [PDF] and with the appropriate supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) preceptor.

Students are expected to review the Competencies in the context of entry-level registered nurse practice in British Columbia (CRNBC, 2015) [PDF], as these are the expected competencies upon graduation.

Students receive funding by way of a bursary for a maximum of 200 hours.

The clinical learning opportunities in Practice of Nursing 10 are in a Focus of Practice area. At present these include:

  • Emergency
  • Pediatrics
  • Perinatal
  • Neonatal
  • Perioperative
  • Nephrology
  • High Acuity
  • Community
  • Home Health
  • Mental Health
  • Medical
  • Surgical

The purpose of Practice of Nursing 10 is to enable the student, in a focus of practice area, to:

  • Develop independence in their role as a nurse and give competent care
  • Manage a nursing workload with some assignment back to the preceptor as required
  • Manage a number of responsibilities such as: unexpected events, complex levels of care, conflict, etc
  • Exemplify professional values, attitudes, and ethics
  • Communicate therapeutically with clients, families, groups, and communities and integrate these clients into care
  • Advocate on behalf of clients, families, groups and communities
  • Maintain professional development by monitoring, evaluating, and modifying own practice and assuming responsibility for learning
  • Demonstrate ability to think critically, make clinical judgments, value evidence as a basis for practice, and participate collaboratively as a member of the interdisciplinary team
  • Develop personal leadership abilities
  • Communicate nursing’s contribution to the health of clients (nursing agency)
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary care
  • Utilize opportunities to practice specialty nursing skills in the focus of practice

Please take a look at the course outline for BSNC 8200 Practice of Nursing 10.