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Calling all BCIT faculty and staff: now's the time to Get Print Smart. It's a magenta level alert: not quite printing and paper 'KAOS,' but we need to get this situation under, well, 'CONTROL'!

BCIT used 33.8 million sheets of paper last year alone (fiscal year 2009). While much of this printing, copying and paper use is just part of doing our job, there are ways we can easily reduce this number without feeling a thing.

The shoe-phone is ringing, and this time it's for you. Read this site, and help BCIT reach its goal of reducing paper use by 20%. You'll help save trees, save money, and save the world... one sheet of paper at a time.

Agent recruitment is now closed!

Thank you to all BCIT faculty and staff who became Get Print Smart Agents.

Agent 002 FINAL field report:

Target audience, BCIT full-time and part-time staff: 2,250

Total Get Print Smart website pageviews (Nov 1, 2009 - Feb 1, 2010): 3,893

Total unique pageviews: 2,718

Average time visitors spent on site: 10:28

Agents recruited:  209

Fedoras earned: 28

Prize winner: Agent 065 Shari Monsma

Reduction in paper purchased, FY2009 (33.8 million sheets) to FY2010 (28.3 million sheets): 16% reduction

NOTE: This reduction is a result of many initiatives across BCIT to reduce paper use, but we hope this campaign helped raise awareness! Thank you for participating.

Report filed 16:00, February 1, 2010