Student Stories : : Nancy Ricard

"When you award a bursary to a student, you are making an investment in their future, and in my case, the future of my children. Soon, I will be in a place to help others."

~ Nancy Ricard, Nursing graduate
Recipient, BCIT Bursaries

Nancy Ricard faced exceptional personal and financial challenges while working towards her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at BCIT.

A single mother of four children, Nancy had to completely fund her education with federal and provincial loans. Financial pressures, and the need to take care of her children, motivated her to apply for a bursary in January 2006.

Soon after she applied, her children’s father was killed in a fire that burned down their family home in Whitehorse.

"By March 1, I had less than $1,000 to live on after I had covered all of my expenses with student loans. I became very ill and needed medical care. I had to seriously consider quitting school to get a job to support my family."

BCIT came through just in time. Three donor-funded bursaries enabled Nancy to provide for her family while working towards her degree.

"BCIT’s financial support was directly instrumental to my being able to continue school instead of quitting to find work to support my family. Thank you for your kindness."

Nancy completed her degree with honours in December 2006, and has successfully embarked on her chosen career—she is now a full-time nurse at the Langley Public Health Unit.

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