Donor Support Establishes Green Strategies Endowment

bcit foundation

Photo: L-R: David Podmore, Chair of Board of Directors, BCIT Foundation, and Chairman, Concert Properties; Karen Hemmingson, Director, Research and Corporate Planning, BC Housing; John English, Dean, School of Construction and the Environment; Karin Kirkpatrick, Executive Director, Real Estate Foundation of BC; Laurie Clarke, VP, Development, BCIT Foundation; Paul Dangerfield, VP, Education, BCIT.

Through the generosity of the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia and BC Housing, BCIT has established a $1 million endowment to advance applied research for The Adoption of Green Value Strategies in Development.

Representatives from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia and BC Housing were on hand Thursday, November 19 to present cheques and receive recognition and BCIT’s sincere thanks.

By establishing an endowment which will remain with BCIT in perpetuity, these donors will be viewed as pioneers years down the road, as the endowment grows with the participation of other, future partners.

Research to be conducted through the support of this endowment—on areas of sustainability such as green roofs and living walls, renewable energy, and life cycle analysis—will continue to place BCIT as an integral part of the economic, social and environmental prosperity of British Columbia. 

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