BCIT Indigenous Gathering Place

The need

BCIT invites you to join us in establishing an Indigenous Gathering Place. This is a powerful initiative to secure the province’s long-term economic stability and cultural integrity by increasing educational opportunities for Indigenous Canadians.

The proposed Gathering Place will serve as a welcoming and supportive ‘home away from home’ that meets the academic, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of Indigenous students. It will also be a cultural space that invites deeper connections with the broader community.

The BCIT Indigenous Gathering Place

Outstanding native architect Alfred Waugh from Vancouver, is working with BCIT to create a vision for this Gathering Place; one that is infused with Coast Salish influences and accommodates space for a student lounge with art displays, outdoor garden area with a fire pit, carving shed and a longhouse.

Through cultural and educational activities, the Gathering Place will create a sense of inclusion and belonging for Indigenous students. As a result, the province can expect higher Indigenous enrollment at the institute and more successful graduates in the marketplace. Students and staff across BCIT will be invited to participate in ceremonies celebrating the diversity and richness of the Indigenous culture.

The partnership

Thanks to a generous lead gift of $600,000 from the Ministry of Advanced  Education and Labour Market Development, we will soon initiate the early stages of construction. We are currently fundraising for this project and would be pleased to provide appropriate recognition for the level of commitment made.

For more information please watch our video below. The video offers a compelling case from our stakeholders on the value of advancing the BCIT Gathering Place project. If you would like to talk to one of us about the project, please contact Joanne Stone-Campbell at 604.451.6901 or Joanne_Stone-Campbell@bcit.ca.