Establishing a Student Award at BCIT

Whether recognizing outstanding achievement or providing much-needed financial assistance, donor-funded scholarships, awards and bursaries are an investment in students.  

Types of awards

Awards represent crucial support for students embarking on full-time programs of study, upgrading their skills, learning new trades, and completing necessary credentials for career advancement.

Donors can provide student awards on an annual basis, or permanently, by creating an endowment. Donors can also establish student awards in honour of a friend, family member or colleague.

Ways to establish an award

Endowed awards

Endowments create a lasting legacy at BCIT. A minimum donation of $10,000 ($20,000 for entrance awards)* provides a source of funding for scholarships, bursaries or awards. Endowments can be created to support students in specific programs or BCIT can direct the funds to program areas of greatest need. Once established, an endowment can grow at any time through contributions from industry partners, family, or friends.

*While these figures reflect BCIT's current minimums, the recommended values to sustain meaningful awards are $20,000 ($30,000 for entrance awards).

Annual awards

Annual gifts of $500 or more ($1,000 and up for entrance awards) support student awards, scholarships or bursaries. Annual contributions may be designated to support students in specific programs or BCIT can direct the funds to program areas of greatest need.

Annual/endowed awards combination

Donors may choose to fund an award on an annual basis, while establishing your endowed fund through additional gifts pledged over a number of years. Over time, the goal is reached, and the annual award is fully supported by endowment income.

How to establish your student award

Simply contact the Foundation’s Awards Coordinator at 604-451-6889 to determine the type of award, the amount, and the program area you wish to support.

The Awards Coordinator will confirm the details in a letter or email to you, which will include information on when to submit your funds, and the award presentation dates. The Awards Coordinator will then send a Fund Agreement for you to sign and return with your cheque, payable to the BCIT Foundation.

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