Accounts Payable

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The Accounts Payable department is responsible for the accurate and timely processing of payments for goods and services incurred on behalf of BCIT. Invoices are processed for payment within 30 days of receipt.

Cheque runs are done each Friday and cheques are mailed out or available for pickup on the following Monday. Deposits made directly by EFT to a bank account are processed each Tuesday for deposit on Friday.

Cash Requirements

Cash Floats

For cash float or float increase requests, please contact the Assistant Director of Financial Services.

Petty Cash

To obtain a petty cash, please submit a Petty Cash Fund Request  form to Accounts Payable, signed by the operating unit manager or designate.

To replenish your petty fund cash fund, please submit a Petty Cash Replenishment Request  form to Accounts Payable, with receipts attached.

To transfer petty cash to another person, please submit a Petty Cash Release  form to Accounts Payable.

Payments for Services

Request to Use Non-employee Services (RTUNES)

Accounts Payable is responsible for the processing of payments related to PO of RTUNES. For further details, please see the RTUNES documents in Supply Management.

Cheque Requisition

The Cheque Requisition form is generally used only for extraordinary requests that cannot be fulfilled using departmental petty cash or BCIT's purchasing card. This form does not replace purchase orders or RTUNES procedures. Please complete the form in full with attachments of all relevant documentation, and/or original detail and method of payment receipts. Please note, incomplete forms will be returned to the approver.


A Request to Pay an Honorarium form is used only if the request does not fall under either Article 13.3 (g) for BCGEU Instructional Unit or Article 4.5 for Faculty & Staff Association.

Honorariums or other guest lecturer payments under the Faculty & Staff Association contract should be made according to the provisions in Article 4.5, and paid using Part-Time employee electronic contracts.  As honorariums are a taxable benefit, please ensure a social insurance number for individuals or business number for businesses is completed.

Visa Cards

Please contact the Supply Management Department for request to obtain a Purchasing Visa Card(s).

Payments to Students

For questions relating to payments to students, including refunds, scholarships, bursaries or other rewards, please contact Revenue Accounting.

Registration and Membership

Registration and Membership forms are available online. For payment directly to the vendor, please complete and submit the electronically fillable form, along with a copy of the employee's application form or invoice to Accounts Payable.


The Request for Approval to Travel (FIN-23) and Travel Expense Claim (FIN-21) fillable forms are now available online. The Request for Approval to Travel must be completed if you are traveling outside of the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley District and forwarded to Safety and Security prior to making your travel arrangements. The Request for Approval to Travel form is also used to request a travel advance. Please also see the Travel Flow Chart and Travel Forms Checklist and related Travel Policy Procedures 2005-PR1 when completing your forms.

Vendor Terms

For vendor reference - please find below a reminder of the procedures required when doing business with the Accounts Payable department.

  1. BCIT uses a purchase order system and requires that you have a valid purchase order before you deliver merchandise or provide services.  Failure to do so could result in the delay of payment.
  2. BCIT also uses a purchase card system and requires that when completing a transaction , the company mail the invoice/receipt to the attention of the cardholder, c/o BCIT, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2.
  3. Invoices submitted for payment must include a current purchase order number. Invoices without an authorized purchase order number will be returned to you. It will then be your responsibility to collect the correct information and re-submit with original copies only.
  4. All invoices must be addressed to: BCIT Accounts Payable Dept. at the mailing address noted, and mailed no later than one day after shipment is made. Any discounts (if applicable) will be calculated from the actual date the goods are received.
  5. Accounts Payable pays according to the purchase order prices and taxes. Please refer to your copy of the purchase order to ensure that the billing information is correct. If you have any questions on price discrepancies, please contact the BCIT Purchasing Buyer you were dealing with.
  6. Terms are net thirty (30) days from received date of invoice. If you are inquiring about payment of your invoice, please provide the purchase order and invoice number, as this will allow the accounts payable clerk to respond to you more quickly and efficiently.
  7. The Accounts Payable department would like to receive a monthly statement, as this will allow the accounts payable clerks to reconcile your account efficiently.
  8. If you send a statement listing invoices 60 days or older, please send us a copy of the invoice(s). It is our policy to make payments net 30 days from received date of invoice; our failure to do so may mean we do not have the invoice(s).
  9. Social Services Tax (PST) exemption is displayed on the front of the purchase order, and it is based on exemptions allowed under the British Columbia Consumer Taxation Branch (CTB). Related CTB Bulletins may include, but are not limited to: 002, 003, 006, 011, 012, 018, 034, 036, 040, and 072. For bulletin information, please visit CTB.